*This category is only for submissions to Highlights High Five magazine.  

High Five stories, poems, crafts, recipes, and nonfiction activities should support the social and emotional development of children ages 2-6.  We are looking for stories and poems that can be read aloud to our youngest readers, and can also be read alone by our older, beginning readers. Rhyme, repetition and patterned texts are particularly welcome.

Stories should be 170 words or less. The topics should be age-appropriate, with settings, characters, and plots that will be familiar to young children. Remember that illustrations can provide many descriptive details, giving you room in the text for dialogue and at least four or more scenes.  

Crafts, recipes, and nonfiction activities should be designed so that most children can do all the steps with limited help from an adult. Materials or ingredients should be easy to find. 

Please upload only one manuscript per submission. On the first page of each manuscript, please include your name as you would like it to appear in your byline. We welcome multiple works, but each one needs to be submitted separately. We do not accept previously published works or simultaneous submissions. 

Please submit each manuscript only once, to the most appropriate Highlights magazine, keeping in mind the different age ranges. The editors work together closely and will share a manuscript if they feel it's better suited to a different magazine. 

Please note that after declining a submission, we delete your manuscript file. In this way, you can be assured that we are not keeping or storing creative work that we have not purchased.

Please note: We do not accept work through Submittable (or through e-mail) from writers younger than 16. Learn more about the Highlights guidelines for young writers and artists at: https://www.highlightskids.com/send-us-your-creative-work

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