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Boyds Mills Press, Calkins Creek, WordSong

Please note: Boyds Mills Press, Calkins Creek, and WordSong publish books for children, tweens, and teens that focus on excellent storytelling, imaginative illustration, and strong characters. Our exceptionally crafted titles are designed to entertain, inform, and engage children of all ages. Please review our online catalog to see the types of books that we publish before submitting your work.

Boyds Mills Press, the trade book division of Highlights for Children, publishes a wide range of high-quality titles for young readers—fiction and nonfiction picture books, middle grade and young teen fiction, and nonfiction novels.

Calkins Creek publishes both nonfiction and historical fiction picture books and novels that introduce children to the many people, places, and events that have shaped US history. Calkins Creek titles present multiple points of view through original and extensive research, and each innovative and skillfully written book uses primary sources, such as timelines, bibliographies, historical notes, and glossaries.

WordSong is the only children’s imprint in the United States specifically dedicated to poetry. WordSong titles, both picture books and novels in verse, capture the vibrant, unexpected, and emotional connections between poetry of all types and young readers. 

To submit:

  • Please upload only one manuscript per submission. We welcome multiple submissions, but we prefer that each one is submitted separately.
  • We encourage you to review our online catalog before submitting work.
  • We do not consider previously published material. 
  • We do not consider submissions from anyone under the age of sixteen.

Picture Books: We accept submissions from both authors and illustrators. If you are an author and an illustrator, please submit the complete manuscript and a sample reproduction of the final artwork that reflects the intended style and technique. Keep in mind that one well-presented submission will be more attractive than several submissions or a submission in many parts. You do not need to send a query first.

Middle Grade and Young Teen Fiction: Please submit the first three chapters and a plot summary. We will request the balance of the manuscript if we are interested. 

Nonfiction: Include a detailed bibliography with your submission. We highly recommend including an expert's review of your manuscript with a detailed explanation of the books in the marketplace that are similar to the one you propose. Keep in mind that good children's nonfiction has a narrative quality—a story line—that encyclopedias do not; please consider whether both the subject and the language will appeal to children.